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  Audio CD
Whether your CD manufacturing project is intended for sale, promotion or just for fun, this is the place to start. All we need is a finished master and artwork, and MUSIC MANUFACTURING SERVICES will deliver a high-quality finished CD, in whatever packaging you choose.

Clients in multimedia and computer software demand high standards and MUSIC MANUFACTURING SERVICES has become the professionals' manufacturer of choice. Simply provide us with a multimedia master (make it yourself or use our multimedia designers), and artwork for your CD-ROM packaging.

  Dual Disc
The Dual Disc is two discs in one - audio CD on one side, and a DVD on the other. Include videos, special footage, photo galleries, web links – whatever you want! Simply provide us with a your DVD master (make it yourself or use our multimedia experts), and artwork for your Dual Disc packaging.

Enhanced CD
Make your CD an experience!! Add cool stuff like text, logo, pictures, website links, credits, video clips, or even home movies, to your audio CD, so that when it's played on a computer, the listener gets a whole lot more. Get a multimedia designer to create it for you and send it along with your audio master, or simply send us everything and let a MUSIC MANUFACTURING SERVICES multimedia expert put it all together for you.

  Shape CD
MUSIC MANUFACTURING SERVICES can provide you with a CD or CD-ROM in any shape you want, printed in up to five colors. Because a disc plays from the center out, in many cases there is space around the outer edge of the disc that isn't being used. We can cut it away, to make your disc in a shape that will leave a lasting impression!

  Business Card CD
Here's a slick way to get noticed. Put your CD or CD-ROM on a small, but powerful business-card sized disc. Whether it's a promotional track or a full informational brochure, your piece will be noticed and played, plus you can include a link to your website for increased traffic. Do it yourself, our let our in-house designers and multimedia pros create your Business Card CD presentation from scratch!

Short Run CD Duplication

When you only need a few CDs, CD-ROMs or DVDs, and you need them FAST, short-run duplication is the way to go. There's no minimum order quantity, turnaround can be as fast as 24 hours or less, and your project can be printed in full color, with a wide range of packaging options, just like a mass-produced disc. Consider short-run duplication for promotional releases, demos, duplicate masters, advance or limited edition releases, or beta testing.

Custom silk-screened blank CD-R
Want to produce your own short run of CDs, CD-ROMs or DVDs using your home burner? Let MUSIC MANUFACTURING SERVICES silk screen a pile of CD-Rs with your own design (created by your own graphic designer or our in-house design team), and simply burn 'em as you need 'em!

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